Why you should join us on WellBoring Week

1st October, 2019

Why you should join us on WellBoring Week

WellBoring Week is your chance to see the work we do in person, as we travel to Kenya, visiting schools that are enjoying the benefits of one of our wells, as well as seeing how necessary access to clean water is for those without.

The upcoming trip will run from 12-18 January, flying out on the 11th. The week is available for WellBoring donors who have raised money for a well, as well as those who volunteer with us. 

We spend the money donated to us on wells, so participants fund the trip themselves. However, meeting the children, teachers and communities we are working for is a privilege for those who make the journey. One such attendee from last January's trip is Matt Hurst, a WellBoring volunteer from the UK.

Matt told us about his experience.

"Last January I had the privilege of joining a WellBoring week in Kenya, which was an educational and eye-opening experience.

We headed to Kisumu County, which is situated in the west of the country next to Lake Victoria. Visiting primary schools in the county that were awaiting water solutions really brought the situation these children face home to me. Looking at the current water the students and teachers had to drink illustrated the importance of WellBoring’s work. I would never dream of drinking water the quality of which the schools had access to. It was a brownish colour, it was dirty.

And yet, the school had laptops, projectors and power – the absurdity that these incredibly poor schools had second-hand electronics, but no clean drinking water was striking. In contrast, we were lucky enough to attend a school’s well opening ceremony. The joy and excitement were palpable. Having access to clear, clean water through a hand pump that you can operate with just your little finger was obviously a hugely positive development for the school and the local community. The teachers were already planning to use the water not just for drinking, but for growing food to feed the children as well!

This amazing trip left me in no doubt of the importance of the work WellBoring is doing on the ground in Kenya."

If you're interested in joining us in January 2020, or you want more information, please get in touch at info@wellboring.com.

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