The 12 wells of Christmas

14th November, 2020

The 12 wells of Christmas

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone in the world. But can you imagine tackling the treat of coronavirus without access to safe water? Without being able to hydrate yourself? Without being able to wash your hands? That is the reality facing millions of people in Africa.

We need your help! This Christmas we are doing what we do best, providing schools with safe water. Together we will get water to TWELVE schools, improving tens of thousands of lives.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect all of us across the globe, we must come together to support those already disadvantaged against this joint fight. Earlier this year we launched our Soap for Schools campaign, providing thousands of people with soap and hand washing education. In addition, during 2020 we have continued to construct wells throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, thanks to your donations. But we want to do more!

In order to meet our target of getting twelve schools access to safe water this Christmas we will be constructing new wells and repairing some of those we have identified as abandoned by others, which are no longer functioning. We have recently begun work to identify and repair abandoned wells in order to reach more schools with your donations.

It costs us £5,000 to construct a new well and £1,250 to repair an existing one. Each well will provide safe water to pupils, teachers, and the wider community for years. Help us in this joint fight against coronavirus by donating to WellBoring this Christmas.

Please donate what you can this Christmas, the gift of water saves lives today and for years to come.

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