Our organisation

Our organisation

WellBoring started off as a small charity based out of Chippenham in the UK.

Less than a decade later we have grown in size and ambition, and are now comprised of a number of NGOs based across the world.

British and Kenyan men and woman in a classroom
British flag

A UK charity that raises funds and oversees the organisation

Kenyan flag

WellBoring Groundwater, an NGO in Kenya that carries out the work

United States of America flag

A foundation in the US

German flag

A foundation in Germany

Gambian flag

A foundation for West Africa, based in The Gambia

We have a big team of volunteers working primarily from the UK to raise awareness and funds, put on events, and work with our partners to drive our mission forward.

If you have time and expertise to offer as a volunteer, please do get in touch at info@wellboring.org.

volunteer sitting talking with Kenyan school children


Nigel Linacre

Nigel Linacre co-founded WellBoring in 2011, having led and worked on UK Aid and World Bank projects in India, Nigeria and South Africa, and run leadership development programmes in Kenya. Nigel is Chair of the Board of Trustees.

A professional Executive Coach and Team Facilitator, he recently formed The Big Life Course, to bring personal development to a larger number of people.

Deeply interested in making a difference, Nigel is the author of many business, leadership and life books, and recently published a first book of poetry.

Contact: nigel@wellboring.org

Richard Kongo

Richard Kongo first worked with WellBoring while co-leading Kibiko Primary School in Kenya, where WellBoring completed one of its first projects. Richard joined our Board in 2018.

A tax consultant and social entrepreneur, he brings to the board his wealth of experience in our Kenya operating environment and sound financial skills. Richard has a passion for businesses with a social impact. He is a co-founder of House of Technology Ltd.

Richard sits on the boards of NGO Help A Child Africa (HACA) and the PCEA Kibiko Water Project.

Contact: richard@wellboring.org

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson established the WellBoring Foundation in the USA in 2018 and joined the WellBoring Board in 2019.

Peter co-founded and built EnviroLogix, a biotech company focused on diagnostic tests for the agricultural and environmental markets.

As a retired entrepreneur, he is fully engaged in community and service activities. Peter brings to the Board a strong career in general, operational and financial management, both in the US and internationally. He is now involved in Habitat for Humanity and other causes for affordable housing and food security.

Contact: peter@wellboring.org

Dr Karamo Sonko

Dr Karamo Sonko joined the Board in 2020, as co-founder and Chair of WellBoring West Africa. He is a multi-disciplinary social scientist who has lived and worked across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

He has published widely on Africa, worked for the OAU (now African Union), UN and IMF, among others. He has also taught at five universities in Europe and North America and advised numerous multinational companies. He is a management strategist who has developed his own version of PESTLE Analysis.

He is currently Chairman of Taf Africa Global, Chief Strategist for Africa for Orca Gold, President of Julia Consultancy, and Chairman of Heeno International.

Contact: wbwa@wellboring.org