The difference a well makes

The difference a well makes

When we say our wells change lives, we mean it.

Safe drinking water is a fundamental necessity for life, and the unfortunate truth is, millions of people still don’t have access to this basic necessity.

Children around a well
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Access to safe water means lower mortality and rates of illness

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Non-attendance falls from over 20% to less than 10% due to fewer children suffering from illness and thirst

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Enrolment increases significantly at many schools and may average 10%

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No long trips to collect water so children can spend more time in the classroom or having fun - this is especially beneficial to girls who often bear the burden of collecting water

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Spill-off benefits include schools being able to wash classrooms, grow vegetables and establish fish ponds

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Water is available for the wider community

Child using a WellBoring well

What headteachers think of their WellBoring wells

"The community is very happy with Wellboring’s 2019 gift of clean, safe and permanent ground water. Apart from drinking and cooking in the kitchen, cleanliness of the pupils has tremendously improved as there is no more walking in River Oking’s mud in search of water.

Absenteeism among learners as a result of water diseases like cholera , typhoid and bilharzia has instantly dropped by a great percentage."

Anduro primary school

"Initially the pupils used to fetch water from the river nearby whose water isn't treated and their safety wasn't guaranteed either since the drowning of one pupil in 2013.

The community is equally grateful as they now have clean and safe water for use. Long live WellBoring!"

Nyagwela primary school

"The ground water drilled in our school is the greatest blessing of the year, attendance of learners and teachers highly improved, due to drinking clean water."

St Alloys Waware primary

"As a school and community, the pupils have benefited as follows:

1. The just released results had positive deviation in national exams KCPE.
2. Attendance has increased by notable percentage.
3. Enrolment has increased from 1277 to 1412.
4. The prison community is getting its water from the borehole pump, now serving more than the targeted number.
5. Classes are now clean through and through.
6. Teachers keep time for lessons.

I have no language to thank you. May the almighty God shower you with his blessings."

Kibos Prison primary school