Change a child's life.

Buying Colgate helps build 30 water wells, changing 60 000 lives.

+ 50 M
People live in Kenya
+ 10 M
People in Kenya don't have access to improved water sources
More than 5,000 children in Kenya die every year as a result of drinking unsafe water
Of water related deaths are in children 0-14 years
Of children drop out of school due to the lack of water

Water changes lives

Millions of Kenyan children spend hours everyday, fetching water from untreated water sources, containing dangerous water-borne diseases. Consequently, making children and their families sick, leading to more children being absent from school.

Access to clean water will help children not only attend school regularly, but it will help improve their regular hygiene and health, so that they can have a future they can smile about.

What we’re doing

In 2019 Colgate-Palmolive, in partnership with WellBoring, built 30 wells giving over 60 000 Kenyans a reason to smile with an additional 30 wells in 2020. In 2021, over a period of 12 months Colgate and WellBoring have committed to building an additional 30 water wells at schools throughout Kenya. These water wells will provide clean, drinkable water to a total of over 120 000 Kenyans.

Each of these wells has a lifespan of at least 10 years, and will help not only the school children themselves, but their families and the people living in the surrounding communities.

60 wells

90 wells

What you can do

We’re asking all Kenyans to help us reach our goal. For every Colgate product purchased in participating Naivas stores , during the campaign running from 01/04/2021 to 31/05/2021 , Colgate-Palmolive will donate KSH 10 per purchase towards building 30 water wells in Kenya.

Bright smiles,
bright futures

At Colgate we are committed to providing oral health education to children across the world because we know that good oral care behavior leads to healthier lives.

Colgate’s Bright Smiles Bright Futures program has reached 5 million children across Africa in 2018 and 16 million children since 2015, to teach them about good oral health. However, these children need access to clean water. That is why we have partnered with WellBoring, to deliver 30 water wells to schools in Kenya. Ensuring that more children have access to clean water and oral care education giving them A Future To Smile About.

Contact WellBoring

Without access to water, education is hard. Please follow the link below if your primary school is in need of a well and you would like to register your interest with WellBoring.

Please understand that at this stage we cannot guarantee a water well for your school.

Thank you for your interest. Submissions are subject to the Terms of use and Privacy Policy.


“The rate of absenteeism is reduced, because children are not attending to hospitals due to stomach ache problems.”

- Teacher

“The borehole will help us because it is near my home. I am able to wash my utensils using clean water. My children use the water to brush their teeth, and clean themselves and they go to school well groomed having bathed with clean water.”

- Resident in the Community

“For those who brought us the water, we have to thank them. The health of our children is okay. The community members are also using this water, it has helped the whole community .”

- Teacher